Term Plans 2021-2022

WGM – The Garden Bench:

The symbol for 2021 is the Garden Bench. It represents a place to reconnect with friends and family, a place to give thanks to the Lord for all the blessings we have been given, a place to make new friends, and a serene place to enjoy all of God’s creations around us. I have spent many hours on a garden bench, it brings back some very pleasant memories of family and friends. We hope that each of you will sit on your Garden Bench, take time to smell the flowers, Fully Rely On God, and enjoy all of the blessings in your life!

WGP – Frog:

This was chosen so that we will always Fully Rely On God


Bird House

What would a garden be without our beautiful. feathered friends, and they need a place to stay- so a bird house! It represents how in our order. friends become family. We open our hearts and our homes, and share them with our Sisters and Brothers, as it is with the birdhouse, the door and heart is always open to visitors.

Red Cardinals

The legend says that when a red cardinal visits your garden it is a visitor from heaven. I wanted to use red cardinals to remind us of all our members, who are no longer with us, but forever in our hearts.

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones guide us on a path through the garden, in life there are many stepping stones, and many directions to travel. We wanted the stepping stones to remind us of a path laid down by all the members of the Order of the Eastern Star, that should inspire us to continue in that path, so that our beautiful order may continue to lay down a path for many years to come.

Garden Fairies

Every Garden needs a little magic! The garden fairies represent the magic that’s created by our members. We can do anything if we all work together, that’s the magic of this order! This is going to be the symbol of our DDGM’s, they are our miracle workers! Remember though that fairies can be a little impish. so watch out, who knows what our DDGM’s may come up with.

Puzzle Piece:

This reminds us of how important each member is, everyone is required to make the entire picture, and it represents my charity related to Autism.




Gnomes are supposed to protect your garden. So. we’re using them to remind us that there is an all seeing God. who always watches over us. Besides that, they’re fun, and I like them, so this is my fun emblem.


This is a memory of the days playing for the shut-in.



Royal Blue: This is for my Fraternal Mom. Nancy Lane, PGM. It represents freedom and imagination. reminding us to Thank our Veterans, and by using our imagination anything is possible.

Sky Blue: Represents loyalty and faith. this reminds us to be loyal to our kindred and friends, and to have faith in God. Maroon: Represents Life and Love. reminding us to love life, love God. and love one another.

Lilac: Is associated with grace. so we should do our work with grace. dignity, and respect.

Pink: Stands for kindness. to remind us to always be kind, be kind to our Sisters and Brothers, family, and friends.

White: Is associated with light. goodness. and joy. This reminds us to live life with hope, love always, and extend charity whenever we can.



Motto: Live, Laugh, and Love Watchwords: Peace, Faith, Hope, and Love

Itinerary Title: Hopping around Missouri

Session Theme: “Garden of Friends”

Opening Ode: “In the Garden”

Closing Ode: “How Great Thou Art”




Peonies: All color of Peonies, they represent admiration, love and affection. These stand for our members, whose continued support makes this order what it is. These are for my Mother.

Daisies: They represent cheerfulness and innocence. reminds us of happy times with friends and family. These are for my Fraternal Mom. Nancy Lane. PGM.

Tulips: All color of tulips. They are for Love and cheerfulness. reminding us to love one another, and enjoy every day that God has given us. These are my favorite flowers.

Lilies: All color lilies. They symbolize humility. That reminds us to be humble, no matter where life has taken us. These are for my husband Gail, they are his favorites.

Pink Roses: They represent grace. gratitude, and appreciation. Those are virtues we should emulate in our lives everyday. These are for my 2nd Mom. Lorraine Kershner, my page.


Red Rose: The red rose is a symbol of Love.



WGM – Twix: To remind us there is always 2 sides to every story, and because my husband will eat these, and they won’t be around long.

WGP-Baby Ruth: This is in honor of Mary’s Grand Appointment of Grand Ruth.



Romans 8:28
John 11:25-26
1 Corinthians 13:13
1 Corinthians 13:4-5

Psalms 121:1-2



“The Rose”
“The Old Rugged Cross”
“In the Garden”
“Family of God”
“Amazing Grace”
“The Great Speckled Bird”

“Precious Memories”
“In the Garden”
“Just a Closer Walk with Thee”
“How Great Thou Art”
“This Old House”