Past Appointed Grand Officers (P.A.G.O.)

Vision Statement

  1. To Promote Continued camaraderie among Past Appointed Grand Officers.
  2. To Promote Continued support for the well being of the Order of the Eastern Star.
  3. To inspire a positive outlook toward the future of the Order.
  4. To encourage membership, interest, participation, and attendance.
  5. To serve as role model and support for future Appointed Grand Officers.

Brief History

The P.A.G.O. club of Missouri Grand Chapter was organized on August 28, 1999 with Erma L. Marriott serving as the first president.  Sister Patricia Stubblefield, P.G.M. is the club organizing sponsor and Honorary Member.

The first banquet of the Club was held at Grand Chapter on October 10, 2006, with the Theme of “Once Upon a Grand Time”.  2007’s Banquet, October 9, 2007, was themed “Children Tug at our Harp Strings”

Current P.A.G.O. Officers

Sponsor: Pat Stubblefield
Phone: 573-585-7401