ESTARL or EASTERN STAR TRAINING AWARDS for RELIGIOUS LEADERSHIP, purpose is to provide scholarships for those who are preparing to enter various fields of Religious service: namely, ministerial, missions, directorship of church music, religious education, and youth leadership.

The Eastern Star Training Awards for Religious Leadership Committee was created at the 1952 Triennial Assembly.  The Resolution to make it a standing committee was passed at the 1955 Assembly.

Applicants must have dedicated his or her life to full-time religious leadership and must be recommend by a member of the Order of the Eastern Star or a Chapter.  The student is free to select the accredited school of his or her choice.  Applications must be received by June 15 for Fall Semester and by November 15th for the Spring Semester.

In Missouri, Eastern Star Membership is not required, but all things being equal, members will take precedence.

TOTAL donated for the 2009 – 2012 Triennium printed was $1,301,335.87 for the ESTARL Program.

Missouri awarded $45,000.00 in Scholarships during the 2009-2012 Triennium.

Eligibility Requirements for the ESTARL Program are as follows:
1. Student must be a legal resident of Missouri
2. Student must have dedicated his or her life to religious leadership.
3. Student must be recommended by a member of our Order or a Chapter.
4. Student is free to select the accredited school of his or her choice.
5. Student must be registered as a student as defined by the college, university, or seminary and have completed one year of college.
6. Applications must be received by June 15 for the Fall Semester and by November 15 for the Spring Semester.
7. Three letters of recommendation must accompany the original application.
8. The number of applicants assisted depends upon the funds on hand as well as the number of applications and their merits and needs.
9. It is not necessary that the applicants have Masonic or Eastern Star relationships. However, other things being equal, applicants with affiliation shall be given preference.
10. An Eastern Star Chapter, or a member of a Chapter, is asked to send only one application in a given year, and they are asked not to send another application as long as a sponsored student is receiving assistance.

2019 ESTARL Eligibility Requirements and Application Form