Charities 2021-2022


We will sell one pin with proceeds being split between our Special Charities

WGM’s special charity: Danny’s Wish. This is a 501C3 charity. Its purpose is to provide iPads to non-verbal autistic children. We have a non-verbal autistic Grandson: I watched the difference it made in their lives when an 1-pad was added to their home. This is very near and dear to my heart.

WGP special charity: Fisher House-Columbia. this is a place for Veterans families to stay. free of charge. when they have a loved one in the hospital.

GGC Charity

Duo Dogs, this charity provides service dogs to people who need them. all over the state. The dogs can make all the difference in how a person may live their lives. They change lives every day!

Masonic Home Outreach

Christmas 4 Kids, every year around the Holidays. the Masonic Home reviews the year’s Short-Term Financial Assistance and Children’s Outreach clients to identify Masonic children for a gift for the Holidays. These gifts help ensure that the children in those families, which we know are struggling and have worked with us through the year, are able to have a little something extra.

A little Christmas Angel will be sold for a $5.00 donation to make wishes come true.


In House Charities:

Educational Fund Board

Masonic Youth Groups


Lois J. Newman Scholarship Fund Welfare Fund Masonic Outreach (Penny-A-Day)


Fun Day: Funds raised this day will be split between our Youth and Masonic Home Outreach

Sock Dogs: Funds raised from the sock dogs will be split between our Youth and Duo Dogs.

Dog Show: All funds raised from the Dog Show will go to Duo Dogs.

Welfare Fund: We will sell crocheted Long Stem Roses $5. each. All funds raised will go to the Welfare fund.

Masonic Home

1. We will be selling a bouquet of flowers pin for $5.00.

2. We will continue doing the penny-a-day program.

3. Continue the gift boxes. will try to do 4 in our year. for Holidays. Christmas. Valentine’s Day. Easter. and Mother’s/Father’s Day.

4. The new Pen Pal program. please take the time to be a pen pal