Chapter Objectives 2021-2022

Report on sheet to your DDGM, by Sept. 15. 2022 Thank You for participating in this program!

1. Open Chapter on time and allow for fellowship before or after the close of the meeting.

2. Open Chapter in regular form. only short form, no more than 4 times a year if you meet twice a month. and no more than 2 times if you meet once a month.

3. Keep in touch with members who have not been attending. Send notes. make Visits, or call, and let them know they are missed, and encourage them to attend. Report the number of cards. calls, and visits on the attached form.

4. Have a Proficiency Night for your members.

5. Attend the District School of Instruction and encourage your members to participate.

6. Plan an Honor Night for all 25+ year members.

7. Attend your District Reception.

8. Plan a Go-To-Church Sunday and spend fellowship time after the service.

9. Plan a night to honor the Masonic Youth Groups in your area and attend one of their functions during the year.

10. Plan a night to Honor the Masons.

11. Plan a Friendship Night. invite your District Chapters, and maybe neighboring districts.

12. Plan a Coin March on this night to be donated to “Quilts for Valor”

13. Remember your shut-ins at least twice this year. Keep records of calls, cards. visits, etc.