2022 Plans

For a  pdf of the 2022 Plans, Click Here 

SYMBOL: The Tabby Cat

Legend has it that a striped cat jumped into Jesus’ manger to keep Him warm. She was marked with an “M” on her forehead to reward her for her care, and tabby cats are also called “Mary cats” in her honor. I chose the tabby cat to remind us that quality companionship and love do not require a pedigree or frills, just the warmth of our hearts.


White Roses: in memory of my mother
Yellow Roses and Bluebonnets: to honor my home state of Texas
Peonies: for my OES mom, and their reminder of spring and compassion
Ferns: for Martha’s trustful faith


Navy Blue: for my father and all of our military members
Hunter Green: for harmony, balance, and nature
Burgundy: for meditation and quiet reflection
Cream: for quietness and pleasantness
Gold accent: for generosity and courage

Associate Conductresses, please wear the 2022 color badge with pride on the left side. Feel free to wear the tabby pin and any or all of the Worthy Grand Matron’s pins attached to the ribbon.

If I can help you in any way, please contact me.

Star Love,
Cari McQueen
(816) 914-2649 (texts accepted, though I prefer your voices)