50th Triennial Assembly Registration and Election Information

On March 10, 2021, Sister Marianne Shenefelt, MWGM, and Brother Henry S. Martin, MWGP, announced the cancellation of the in person 50th Triennial Assembly that was planned to be held in Salt Lake City, Utah on October 29, 2021 thru November 5, 2021. Since then, many options have been considered for a 50th Triennial Assembly to transact the necessary business and elections in order to begin a 2021-2024 Triennial for the General Grand Chapter.

Many questions have been asked and each was answered with the assurance that plans were being made to facilitate the transfer of General Grand Chapter responsibilities to the 2021-2024 GGC Officers and Appointments.

Attached are two documents that were developed to answer many of the questions and concerns of the membership.

All documents and information are posted on the GGC Website (www.easternstar.org) using the TRIENNIAL ASSEMBLY tab at the top of the GGC Home Page.

The attached documents are:

  • MWGM.MWGP Communication RE Registration & Election dated June 17, 2021
    • Assembly – a VIRTUAL Assembly will be held on
      • November 3rd to conduct the Business Session and announce the results of the election
      • November 4th to conduct the Installation of the 2021-2024 General Grand Chapter Officers
      • These events will be held at the International Headquarters with invited guests only
      • These events will be live streamed for the membership world-wide to view
    • Registration – new Deadline of September 1, 2021
      • Information for those members who have previously Pre-Registered and paid the Registration Fee
      • Information for those members who have NOT previously Pre-Registered
      • New Registration will include the Voting Options for the Elections
        • Eligible Voting Delegates may select to vote
          • Online Electronically
          • By a Paper Ballot mailed to the member (for US and Canada members only)
    • Elections
      • Voting Delegates MUST Register to be able to vote or complete a ballot for the Elections of the 50th Virtual Triennial Assembly
  • Elections Policy for GGC 50th Triennial Assembly 6.16.2021
    • Title on the Policy is “Triennial Assembly 2021 – Eligible Voting Members Elections Policy Due to Covid-19 Pandemic”
    • An Election Committee was appointed by the MWGM and MWGP to develop a policy and methodology for this election
      • Methods for Voting
        • Electronic or Online Voting using the “Election Buddy” system
        • Paper Ballot mailed via USPS to Voting Delegates who do not have access to vote Online (for US and Canada members only)
      • List of Eligible Members who are entitled to vote
    • Deadlines for
      • Nomination/Candidates letters (this information was sent to all Grand Secretaries and Candidates previously)
      • Registration Form submission
      • Time Frame for Online Voting
      • Deadline for receipt of Paper Ballots via USPS mail
    • Ballot Tabulation
    • Election Results Announcement
    • Installation of 2021-2024 GGC Officers