2021 Plans

For a  pdf of the 2021 Plans, Click Here


The Garden Bench: Reminds us to take time to smell the roses, to spend quality time with our friends and family, and to take time to thank God for all the beauty and blessings we have.


Royal Blue: represents freedom and imagination, reminding us to thank our Veterans for their sacrifices, and that by using our imagination, our order will bloom.

Sky Blue: represents trust, loyalty and faith, which reminds us to be loyal to friends and family, to have faith, and trust in our God.

Maroon: represents life, and love, reminds us to love life, love God, and love one another. Lilac: is associated with grace so we should do our work with grace and respect.

Pink: stands for kindness, to remind us to always be kind to our Sisters and Brothers, family, and friends. White: is associated with light, goodness, and joy, to live life with hope, love, and charity.


Peonies: love and affection, stands for our members, whose continued support makes this order what it is.

Daisies: cheerfulness and innocence, reminders of happy times with family and friends.

Tulips: love, and cheerfulness, reminding us to love, and enjoy every day that God has given us.

Lilies: symbolizes humility, reminding us to humble, no matter where life has taken us.

Pink Roses: grace, gratitude and appreciation, virtues we should emulate in our lives, everyday!

I would appreciate it, if all Associate Conductresses would wear their 2021 color badge with pride, on the left side. Feel free to wear the “Garden Bench” pin attached to the ribbon. Looking forward to getting to know, and working with each and every one of you! Please feel free to contact me if I can help you in any way.

Star Love,
Jerry Longnecker,
Associate Grand Conductress