Missouri Ladybugs Grand Representatives Club

On this page you will find the current and past volumes of the MO Ladybug Newsletter, “The Chatter” as well as other information about the MO Ladybugs.

Club Officers & Committee Chairs
President: Phyllis Kolb
Vice President: Carol Hastings
Secretary: Joyce Smith
Treasurer: Myra Reser
Chaplain: Connie Moser
Historian: Linda Monken
Parliamentarian: Joe Hurt
Organist: Ken Davis
Photographer: Karen Grattendick
Project Chairman: Donna Miller
Project Co-Chairman: Linda Graves
Boutique: Marilyn Hays
Hospitality: Pam Wheeler
Luncheon Chairman: Karen George
Luncheon Co-Chairman: Celia Davis
Audit Chairman: Martha Pauley
Audit-2 Year Term: Lorraine Kershner
Audit-3 Year Term: Sherri Orender
Chatter: Sherry Wilcher
Advisor-3 Year Term: Nancy Levi
Trustee: Lea Bousman

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Ladybug Chatter (Please note that not all past issues are available)

2013 Issue 1     2013 Issue 2     2013 Issue 3
2014 Issue 1     2014 Issue 2
2015 Issue 3
2016 Issue 1     2016 Issue 2     2016 Issue 3
2017 Issue 2
2018 Issue 1     2018 Issue 2     2018 Issue 3
2019 Issue 1     2019 Issue 2     2019 Issue 3

2020 Issue 1

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Past Presidents of the Missouri Show-Me State Grand Representatives Club

Kathy Mader1971-1972 *
Kay Williams1972-1973 *
Polly Andrews1974-1975 *
Dorothy Allan1975-1976 *
Laura Burnworth1976-1977
Ann McElhiney1977-1978 *
Violet Pagel1978-1979 *
Jeannette Rammselsburg1979-1980
Dorothy Schlegel1980-1981 *
Olga R Pesek1981-1982
Bonnie Livingston1982-1983
Mariam O’Neill1983-1984 *
Robyn Sunderland1984-1985
Maryln Lineberry1985-1986
Jacqueline Tschannen1986-1987 *
Marge Carney1987-1988 *
Pam Baker1988-1989
Betty Jean Baker1989-1990
Linda Floyd1990-1991
Dianne Swindle1991-1992
Carla White1992-1993
Beulah Bates1993-1994
Audrey E Dugan1994-1995 *
Lorraine Sparks1995-1996 *
Carolyn Wells1996-1997
Doris Williams1997-1998 *
Juanita Holst1998-1999
Linda Nieland1999-2000
Delores (Dee) Carnes2000-2001 *
Martha Pauley2001-2002
Sarah Elizabeth White2002-2003
Marilyn Willenburg2003-2004
Sherry Wilcher2004-2005
Lea Bousman2005-2006
Marilyn McMillen2006-2007
Karen Gaetner2007-2008
Marion Case2008-2009
Nancy Levi2009-2010
Vivian Price2010-2011
Donna Koyn2011-2012
Donna Miller2012-2013
Bev Steelman2013-2014
Margie Ezell2014-2015
Lea Bousman2015-2016
Grace Sexton2016-2017
Agnes Maxon2017-2018