2020 Plans

For a pdf of the 2020 Plans, Click Here

Musical Star – a star to symbolize our Eastern Star, a keyboard and notes for my love of music; and a red heart to remind us to always “Keep A Song in Your Heart” and to Love One Another.

Roses – Red for love and devotion and in honor of the young men of Missouri DeMolay who use this flower in their ceremonies; Yellow in memory of my first WGM Sister Jean Cox Martin (1984) and my Rainbow “Mom”, Sister Mary Helen Hardon, Florissant Chapter No. 161; and Pink in honor of my Fraternal Mom and Pop, Sister Gloria Chaney, PGM, and Brother Jim Williams, PGP, and the 2012 Grand Family.

Tiger lilies – in honor of my education at MIZZOU.

Chrysanthemums – orange and yellow, my birth flower.

Fern with ladybugs on the leaves – in memory of Sister Marge Carney, PGM, who taught us to weave our lives like a basket, one row at a time.

Forget-me-nots – in memory of my father, a 50+ year Mason, from whom I received my Masonic heritage. Butterfly bushes and Bluebells of Scotland – in honor of my Grand Representative appointment.

Purple iris and white orchids – in memory of my Mother. Iris was her favorite flower in her garden each Spring and we both loved beautiful orchids.

As you can see, I chose flowers from each color of the Rainbow in honor of my history with the Order of Rainbow for Girls.

Lily of the Valley – in honor of our Job’s Daughters.

Dogwood, our State Tree dedicated in June 1955 – in honor of my husband, Brother Jack, PGP, who was born in June 1955 and first met me when he came to Missouri.

All the colors of the Rainbow, as each of God’s colors shines brightly beginning with the Dawn of each new day. Then, at the close of the day, our beautiful Sunsets remind us to take time to rest and be thankful for the joys of another day of life. As the seasons change, the colors change too and surround our world with beautiful sights, each more breathtaking than the last.

I ask that each Associate Conductress wear my official “Musical Star” pin on her ribbon, just below the 2020 badge. To show support for the Worthy Grand Matron’s charities each year, I encourage you to also wear her charity pin on the ribbon below the official “Musical Star” pin. I am thrilled that we will be traveling this road together.

I am so very thankful to the members of Missouri Eastern Star for electing me to this position and for your continuing support. With God’s help, and the help and love of each of you, we will continue to make a difference for our beautiful Order.

Sister Debi Olson
Grand Conductress