Twas The Night After Christmas

Twas the night after Christmas, and all through the house
Everyone was grumbling, ‘specially me and my spouse

The stockings which hung from the chimney with care
Were now scattered ’bout, thrown here and thrown there

My sweet darling children who once dreamt of sugarplums
Now ran amuck with their trumpets and drums

When that noise would cease I’d face another hurdle
I’m attacked from behind by a sword wielding turtle

My lovely young wife who slept in her ker-chief
Now fills it with ice for her head and her feet

And though she loves us all without fail
If looks could kill she’d surely be in jail

Then out on the lawn arose such a clatter
Even louder than the kids I had to see what was the matter

I ran to the window to open the drapes
But fell flat on my back when I tripped on a skate

As I got to my feet so angry and sore
I figured I’d better just walk out the door

When I looked at the lawn for the cause of the racket
I knew in an instant just what had happened

That night before Christmas when jolly Kris Kringle
Landed on my roof He knocked loose all my shingles

Now they came crashing down, and ‘midst the dust and the soot
I stepped on a nail which then went through my foot

As I stood there looking at my now crumbling gable
I yelled “This isn’t a house, it looks more like a stable!”

When these words I had spoken things became very still
And I couldn’t move a muscle, I just didn’t have the will

Then it came to me in the blink of an eye
When things all go wrong there must be a reason why

The stable I’d mentioned had brought to my mind
A time long ago when a man and his wife

Were expecting a child, and they needed to rest
But with no room at the Inn they had to settle for less

So they stayed in a stable, and midst the animals so wild
Into the world was born a glorious Child

And they didn’t argue neither did they complain
About the surroundings into which the Baby now came

For they knew what had happened on that glorious night
This one special Child would soon bring the world light

With these thoughts, I could move, and went back in the house
Gave a kiss to my children, and one to my Spouse

Then they all settled down stopped their yellin’ and teasin’
As I told them the meaning of the Holiday Season

Later that night, as we put the kids to bed
More than visions of sugarplums danced in their heads

For filled with good cheer, and the Holiday Spirit
We all prayed together and hoped God would hear it

We thank Thee, oh Lord for that night in the past
That brought hope to the present of your love that will last

Now we mean it when we say, as we tuck the kids in tight
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night

Ashley H. Underwood