2019 Plans

For a  pdf of the 2019 Plans, Click Here


Hat: We believe in one True God, strive to live with moral values and do good for others.  Sisters and Brothers wear your hats well.


Stargazer Lily: Blooms point toward Heaven. A symbol of hope, optimism and limitless possibilities.  Chosen in honor of God.

Pink Carnation: Symbolize a mother’s love and bonds of affection.  Chosen in honor of mothers and families.

Red Rose: Symbol of love, courage and compassion.  Chosen in honor of our service men and women and the Station of Electa.

Poinsettia: Known as the Christmas Star or the Star of Bethlehem. A symbol of reassurance and celebration.  The Wiseman were led by that star.  Chosen in honor of my 2015 Grand Family who are also led by that Star.


Turquoise: A symbol of Heaven. Represents wisdom, love and patience.

Golden Amber:  A symbol of the Glory of God.  Represents grace and repentance.

Pearl: A symbol of uniqueness.  Represents harmony and generosity.

Emerald: A symbol of Eternal Life.  Represents mercy, praise and new beginnings.

Ruby: A symbol of the Blood of Jesus.  Represents sacrifice and victory.

I would ask that the Conductresses wear the official “Hat” pin on their 2019 ribbon.  To show support for the Worthy Grand Matron’s charities each year, I would like for you to feel free to wear her charity pins on the ribbon also.  I only ask that the official “Hat” pin be worn right below the 2019 badge.  We will be wearing many different hats as we travel to the Grand East.

I am humbled by all your love, friendship and support.

Brenda Goings,
Associate Grand Matron