2019 Plans

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The symbol I have chosen is the HAT. Through the journey of life, we symbolically wear many hats. Spouse, parent, provider, sibling, grandparent, friend…the list is endless. So it is with Eastern Star, we wear many hats. We believe in one True God, strive to live with moral values and do good for others. Sisters and Brothers wear your hats well.

The WGP has picked the Military Service Hat to join my hat in honor of our veterans. Sisters and Brothers wear your hats well.


HEART – The heart is life giving and considered the center of emotions. Our Star Points heroines teach us about Fidelity, Constancy, Loyalty, Faith and Love. They looked to God to direct their hearts and so should we.   Proverbs 3:5

HAT BOX – The hat box can not only store hats but other treasures. It’s an emblem of protection and memories. We need to protect the future of our beautiful Order and cherish fond memories of the past. The Hat box stores our treasures on earth and in our Heart we should store up our heavenly treasurers.
CROWN—The Crown is to remind us our Father is The KING so that makes us heirs to the Crown.
THE GARDEN BRIDGE—The Garden Bridge reminds us…. We should always be building bridges of friendship. The Garden Bridge isn’t long or steep…take a few steps…meet someone…and start building a bridge of friendship.
FEATHER—The feather, it just tickles me that GOD loves the sparrow and He loves me more. A feather in your hat is considered a sign of approval.  Matthew 6: 25-26

BINGO—remember to have fun
Gooseberry pie—eat dessert first
Lemonade shake-ups—have a thirst for life

Hot dog—reminds me of friends sharing good times
Airplane—for my service in the U.S. Air Force
Dog—my love of man’s best friend


Turquoise—is a symbol of Heaven and represents wisdom, love and patience. It reminds us where God is and how great He is. It is chosen in honor of my fraternal Mom and Dad and all PGMs and PGPs and all their guidance and dedication.

Golden Amber—is a gem of nature and symbolizes the Glory of God. It represents grace and repentance. It is chosen in honor of my little brother, Shawn McAfee PGP, and his passion for God and the Eastern Star.

Pearl—is an organic gem and a symbol of uniqueness. It represents harmony and generosity. We are reminded that pearls of wisdom are acquired through experience. It is chosen in honor of my OES Sisters and Brothers and how we are all one of a kind.

Emerald—is a symbol of Eternal Life. It represents mercy, praise and new beginnings. Our faith in God and knowledge of His Word helps direct us through the labyrinth of life. I chose this color in honor of the Holy Bible that rests upon the altar at every meeting.

Ruby—is a symbol of the blood of Jesus and represents sacrifice and victory. As Christians and Eastern Star members we live in the Truth that Jesus paid it all and salvation is our reward. I chose this color in honor of Jesus our Savior.

WGP Color: Blue…he likes blue


Stargazer Lily-The blooms of the Stargazer points toward Heaven. It is a symbol of hope, optimism and limitless possibilities. The Stargazer Lily was chosen in honor of God. This is my daughter Dawn’s favorite flower.

Pink Carnation-Bright pink carnation symbolizes a mother’s pure love and bonds of affection. Carnation is the birth flower of January; our three children were all born in January. The carnation is in honor of mothers and families. It was my sister’s favorite flower and she was a Rainbow Girl.

Red Rose-The red rose is a symbol of love, courage and compassion. It is the national flower of the United States. My Dad was a World War II Navy Veteran and a 60+member of the Masons. I chose this flower in honor of our service men and women.

Poinsettia-The red poinsettia is known as the Christmas Star or the Star of Bethlehem. It is a symbol of reassurance and celebration. The Three Wise Men were led by the Star in the East to Jesus’ birth. I chose the poinsettia in honor of my 2015 family who are also led by that Star.

WGP Flower: Yellow Rose of Texas in honor of his wife.

WGM Scriptures: Proverbs 3:5   Matthew 6: 25-26   James 1:12
James 1: 17-182   Corinthians 9:15   Ephesians 4: 32
1 Corinthians 12: 4-5
WGP Scriptures: Matthew 18:20   John 3:16   1 Corinthians 16:14
Psalms 119:105   Matthew 7: 7   Deuteronomy 15: 11


WGM:  “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack;  “Keep on the Sunnyside”;  “Do Lord”;  “I saw the Light”;   “Ancient Words”;    “I was there to Hear your Boring Cry”;    “When the Roll is called up Yonder”;
“Using my Bible as a Roadmap”;   “Sweet’ Sweet Spirit”;   He Touched Me”;   “Will the Circle be Unbroken”;
“What a Friend we have in Jesus”;  “That’s All” by Nat King Cole; 50’s music

WGP: “Kum ba yah”; “Jesus Loves Me”; “His Eye is on the Sparrow”; “Hound Dog”;  Holy, Holy, Holy”;
“This Little Light of Mine”; Beach Boys songs and Elvis songs.

Opening Ode: “The Old Rugged Cross”

Closing Ode: “I’ll Fly Away”

Itinerary: “Hold on to your hats and get ready to soar.”

Session Title: “Gifts from the Heart” Session

Motto: “God Loves A Cheerful Giver.”

Watchword: GIVING (Acrostic word)