2019 Chapter Objectives

To download a pdf of the 2019 Plans, Charities and Chapter Objectives, Click Here

Every Chapter will be working toward the “WEAR YOUR HATS WELL” Award. We will be working together to keep our Order alive, continue helping in our communities and working with our Masonic Youth Organizations.

It is important that while we take care of our own, we also find time to do good for others as well, The Worthy Matron should appoint someone in each chapter to keep track of their chapter’s achievements. Each time we are in your district, we will have one member from the Grand Family collect a report as to how well you are doing working towards obtaining this achievement. A final list should be submitted to the Worthy Grand Matron, Sister Brenda Goings:

21576 250th STREET

A special certificate will be given to each chapter that participates, the awards will be presented during our Grand Chapter Session in Jefferson City. The following achievements must be met to receive the award.


  1. Support our Masonic Youth Groups by setting aside a meeting to honor them or attend one of their meetings or events. If there are no Masonic Youth Groups in your community, then participate by offering support at the Masonic Youth Day, Saturday, August 3, 2019 or make a contribution to the Job’s Daughters Grand Bethel, Rainbow Grand Assembly or DeMolay Conclave.
  2. Honor the Master Masons in your community by inviting the Masons, their wives and family to the Chapter of District social event. Encourage them to become members of Eastern Star. You might want to consider providing refreshments before one your Masonic meetings.
  3. Donate toward a local food drive or food pantry, supporting those in need in your community.
  4. Participate in recognizing our service men and women or area veterans.
  5. Visit, call or send a card at least four times during the year to your chapter “shut-ins”. Let them know they have not been forgotten. You can remember them at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s & Father’s Day, 4th of July, Labor Day or their birthday.
  6. Attend five of the following events:
    a. Your district School of Instruction
    b. Your district Official Reception
    c. Visit a neighboring district
    d. Masonic Youth Day – Saturday, August 3, 2019
    e. OES Fun Day – Saturday, July 20, 2019
    f. Attend all your district’s Friendship Nights (coin drill = Masonic Home Outreach)
    g. 2019 Grand Chapter Session – October 14 – 16, 2019
  7. Hold a Proficiency Night in your Chapter – have everyone renew their Obligation together.
  8. Plan a “Homecoming” Meeting – invite and encourage members who have not been attending to come. Maybe meet early have dinner or refreshments before the meeting.
  9. Open your chapter meetings in long form and no more than two time in short form if you meeting twice a month; one time in short form if you meet only once a month. Take pride in the work of our Order.
  10. Donate your Friendship Night coin drill to MASONIC HOME OUTREACH)
  11. Attend a worship service together as a chapter.
  12. Designate one of your coin drill(s) in January to ABC MASONIC YOUTH LEADERSHIP AWARDS.
  13. Hold a memory night in your chapter by honoring the Past Matrons, Past Patrons, 25 and 50/50+ year members. Ask them to share a special memory of their year of service and OES event they treasurer. It is important that we recognize the accomplishments for these who have given so much to make our Order so great.
  14. Hold a special recognition night to honor and encourage those members who have been members less than two years. Send special invitation to encourage them to attend all meetings, especially this night.
  15. Support the 2019 Charity Projects
  16. Initiate at least three new members during the year.