Dine Out Missouri

By Karen Dixon

5th Wednesday this Month – MAY 30th – SAVE THE DATE: Start planning your lunch and dinner out with your Eastern Star friends, or better yet your local Masonic Lodges, neighbors and friends. The more people attending the larger the cut for the WGM charities. We will get 15% of the purchased food and drink for everyone paying a check with the correct 8-digit code or coupon.

There will be two Dine Out Missouri events.

On the West side, Kansas City area Dine Out Missouri at four different 54th Street Cafes. Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, St. Joseph, Zona Rosa. Thanks for the good turn our last year in KC we were invited back this year. You must ask your server for a 2nd copy of the receipt and write the 8 digit code on that receipt (see flyer), then drop it into the wooden box at the hostess stand on the way out.

On the East side this second Dine Out Missouri event is at many of the Applebees locations in Districts: 10, 15, 16, 19 and 20. This includes STL County, St Charles county, Franklin county, Rolla, Arnold and Farmington. You must present a coupon for each check. a list of the Applebees included for reference. Please let Angela Keys know if there is any locations in these areas missing.

Start planing as passing our these coupon to your friends, co-workers, gym classes, churches and other organizations. Ask the Masons, Veterans and Masonic Youth groups to help out, they will be benefiting from this fundraisers.

To download a pdf of the Flyers, click on the graphics below: