Grand Chapter 2018 – Stars in Our Garden Session

Worthy Grand Matron, Worthy Grand Patron, Grand Officers, All Distinguished Members of the Order, and Members of Subordinate Chapters:

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

You are cordially invited to attend the One Hundred Forty Fourth Annual Session of the Grand Chapter of Missouri, OES. The “Stars in Our Garden” session is being held at the Capitol Plaza Hotel and Convention Center, at 415 W. McCarty Street, in Jefferson City, Missouri. The date for the event is October 7 – 10, 2018. This location is in the central part of our state, and is in the home of our State Capitol, making it accessible to all members across the state. I hope you will plan to be there.

The Capitol Plaza Hotel is the Headquarters Hotel. You are encouraged to make your reservations at the Headquarters Hotel, as all Session Activities, Meetings, Registration, Social Events, Hospitality, Vendors and the Grand Secretary’s Office will be held at that location, under one roof, for your convenience.

Below you will find links to important documents that are pertinent to this Session. Chapter Secretaries please provide copies of the enclosed information for your members. Several documents will need to be filled out and returned by the date shown on that document. Please be mindful of the instructions on each document. Fill out the document legibly and mail it to the address shown on that particular form, as each document will be sent to a different address. And please be mindful of the date show, as those dates may vary according to the document.

Instruction Letter

Invitation Letter

Tentative Schedule

Letter To Members Regarding Housing

Housing Request Form

Credit Application For Capitol Plaza

Instate Registration

Outstate Registration

Social Reservation Form

Past Grands Banquet Information And Invitation

Missouri Grand Chapter Information and Registration Packet (Contains everything except Past Grands Banquet)